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Menace to the Ocean Bowl featured on

I’m a little late on this post, but here it is….DEW TOUR in OCEAN CITY, MD!…For starters it was an absolute blast. This year I was invited to participate in the official art show of Dew Tour, organized by legendary skateboarder and super talented artist, Matt Dove. The art show titled MONOFILAMENTAL was held in Berlin, MD in an old chicken plant, a pop-up Punk Rock Fish Studio of sorts. As if I wasn’t already on cloud 9 having my work on the wall next to Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Kris Markovich and some of my oldest and dearest friends, my papier-mâché/found object fish head sculpture, MENACE TO THE OCEAN BOWL, made it onto the the Dew Tour/Alli Sports web coverage of the event. Click here to see the post featuring my sculpture and also Marc Emond’s mixed media piece A Relic of the True Ocean Bowl and painted helmet (3 of 5).

KHayes Monofilamental 1Here I am sandwiched between Christian Hosoi and long time bud Shelly Messick

KAthleenHayes_Menace 4Menace to the Ocean Bowl (btw, it glows in the dark)



♦ James Delzel ♦ Christian Hosoi ♦ Steve Caballero ♦ Joe Herbick ♦ Clint Perterson ♦ Marc Emond ♦ Sam Hitz ♦ Stephanie Karn ♦ Kathleen Hayes ♦ Adam Stabb ♦ Matt Dove ♦ Patti Backer ♦ Kris Markovich ♦

A Relic of the Ocean BowlA Relic of the True Ocean Bowl by Marc Emond

Sam HitzDon’t Fucking Make the hands Talk Ink Drawing by Sam Hitz

Joe JoeArtist Joe Herbick and his mixed media skate deck, photo by Andrew M. Azbell

Cab artPaintings by Steve Caballero

Stephanie KarnPainting by Stephanie Karn

Hosoi artPaintings by Christian Hosoi

DelzelDrawing detail by James Delzel

chip and cab B&WLocal art collector/sushi slinger Chip Ayres scored this rad gorilla painting by Steve Caballero

The night carried on with a crab feast and music by local bands, including Eastern Electric, and intimate performances from McRad with a super special surprise guest, HR from Bad Brains!!…followed by the 169ers…followed by another late night set by McRad at Pepper’s Tavern…Here’s a little video I shot…

The 169ers at the Monofilamental Party for Dew Tour…Duane Peters, Steve Alba & Don Bostick from Kathleen Hayes on Vimeo.

999550_10201168304747043_1911016098_nWillis Kimbel, special surprise guest HR, Rob Van Dornick and Moi

KHayes_dewtour_MCRAD1Chuck Treece of McRad playing a late night 2nd set at Pepper’s Tavern

“MONOFILAMENT: plastic type line used for fishing. MONOFILAMENTAL: a collaboration of a fishing theme, plus the collective line that ties all of us together mentally, creativity, skateboarding, eastern shore of Maryland recreations.” – Matt Dove

Photo By Andrew Azbell

Thanks Matt Dove and all who assisted in making the night an amazing one! photo by Andrew Azbell

Thanks to Bobby Brown, Andrew M. Azbell, Stephanie Karn, and Chip Ayers for the image contributions for this post, as 99% of my Dew Tour documentation consists mainly of night time party shenanigans and look more like this…

KHayes_dewtour_tav_104Brian Boog of The Loud Ones with Dave Duncan at the Punk Rock After party for the Dew Tour…A post with a selection of party and skate photos coming soon. Message me for a link to the full album on facebook.


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