Voted BEST MERMAID! Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012

Photo by Nick Ray McCannPhoto © Nick Ray McCann

And the winner for Best Mermaid is…Muerte Mermaid #464

As a life long water girl and surfer, I can’t express enough what an honor it is to receive such an outstanding and fitting title, especially on 30th anniversary year of the nation’s largest art parade. Raised by watermen, this is my birthright, it’s in my blood…Dad and Grandpa, this one goes out to you…looking back I really owe it all to my great-aunt Norma, a former Playboy Bunny back in the 60’s, who unknowingly kick started my mermaid career sometime around the age of 6, when she sent me parading around the pool during a summer barbecue all dolled up in nothing more than a pair of shells and a string of pearls.

Photo by © Michael Mars

♥ Makeup, styling, and accessories by yours truly ♥

The photograph at the top is by Nick Ray McCann. It was featured on CNN’s blog in a piece titled Hidden Exotic Gem. View more of Nick’s work on his website and follow his blog on Tumbler at

Click on these links for more Muerte Mermaid coverage:

CNN A ‘hidden exotic gem’
Village Voice shot of me with my Negra Modello folk art camera that the Emond’s scored in Mexico City for me
Huffington Post by Elizabeth Kuster…Fearless Body Image: Lessons From The Mermaid Parade (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
wjactv Pennsylvania Television…wonder what they think of me in Altoona
New york Magazine I’m # 24
Elizabeth Stark wrote a fabulous piece…SVA’s Kathleen Hayes Crowned 2012 ‘Best Mermaid’ featured here on SVA CLOSE UP and more on tumblr

Click here to watch a highly recomended mermaid video by Kadshah Nagibe, shot with a unique back stag view

Dont forget to check out Coney Island USA for the full list of winners

Thank you Coney Island Judges xoxo

Can’t wait to pick up my trophy!!

Image by Nick Ray McCann

Shout out to Love Shine NYC and La Sirena, for added inspiration and some elements of my sugar skull costume

If you have photos of me as Muerte Mermaid I’d love to see them


9 thoughts on “Voted BEST MERMAID! Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012

  1. Pingback: SVA’s Kathleen Hayes Crowned 2012 ‘Best Mermaid’

  2. Hi kathleen,

    you were one of our favorite mermaids your costume was very original and creative.
    To embed the code to share the mermaid video in your blog it’s simple. first go to the video on the upper right corner of your picture there’s a share button click on it. This will open a share this video window. Now on the right side you should see Embed. under embed there’s a box with some code click on it and it will highlight the whole code for you then copy the code and paste it on your blog. Let me know how it goes.
    You can find me on facebook under my real name (kadshah nagibe) let’s keep in touch.

    peace & smiles,

    -kadshah nagibe (a.k.a -kaj)

    • Thanks Abby! I hope you know how much you inspired me…believe it or not, you played a such a pivotal roll in who I am as an artist today…forever grateful I landed in your class

  3. You look beautiful and you soooo deserved to win! This day was more than momentous and I’m so proud of you. Heck, I’m proud to have walked it with you and I couldn’t think of anyone better to have gone to my first Mermaid Parade with. What a memory!!!

  4. I too went to SVA 69 to 72. But the point s you are enticingly beautiful. I always loved Coney Island, I grew up there. Your presence makes it all the sweeter. Best Regards, Mike Trotta

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